Government saves £122m on energy bills through efficiency measures.

The Government has seen its own emissions fall by 35 per cent since 2017 which has led to taxpayers saving £122m on energy costs.

The annual ‘State of the Estate’ report has been published which highlights progress made in other areas such as water where a £7.2m saving has been made through lower consumption.

Government departments sent less than one per cent of waste to landfill while also reducing paper use by 61 per cent in the same five-year period.

The Government has also made savings by reducing the number of buildings it owns. A new hub in Birmingham has put staff from 21 departments under one roof while the number of buildings in Central London owned by the Government has fallen from 67 to 43.

Commenting on this Andrew Jones MP said: “The Government has to practice what it preaches on energy efficiency.

“This report shows that it does and also demonstrates the significant savings for the taxpayer that come from this.

“On top of the savings over £600m was raised through the sale of unnecessary buildings which can now go into vital public services.”