Fair deal for new estates campaign: Garten Close progress.

As part of his fair deal for new estates campaign Andrew Jones met with Matt Oldfield, Regional Managing Director for North Yorkshire Avant Homes.

Avant are the developers of The Lanes in Knaresborough of which Garten Close is a part. While the homes are occupied, the drainage from the site is incomplete and the road surface unfinished with deep pits and safety fencing.

During today’s meeting Mr Oldfield told Andrew that the communication with residents has simply not been good enough. In an effort to improve this, Mr Oldfield has personally guaranteed that there will be weekly updates to residents in future beginning this week (week commencing 24 April 2023).

Mr Oldfield personally visited Garten Close last week to view the disruption with which residents have had to live. Further, Mr Oldfield stated he would be visiting the development every week until the estate is completed.

With regards to the remedial drainage works, Mr Oldfield set out a deadline of Friday 5 May for the works to be completed. Once the contractors, HMH, complete this work Avant will be on site to inspect it and conduct a further CCTV survey of the new drainage system to ensure it is fit for purpose. Work will then take place to lay the final road surface throughout the estate as soon as possible.

Commenting, Andrew said: “In the meeting I emphasised the need for communication with residents detailing actions and timescales and that urgency is given to resolving all the issues.

“The objective here is that residents can finally fully enjoy their homes and I am pleased that, after years of delays, there is some urgency behind this now.”