Fair deal for new estates campaign: Hay-a-Park progress.

As part of his fair deal for new estates campaign Andrew Jones met with the regional leadership of Barratt Homes earlier this month.

Andrew raised concerns which have been highlighted to him by residents about the Hay-a-Park Barratt development in Knaresborough – the building of which finished many years ago. However some of the open space and play equipment has not been brought up to an adequate standard for it to be transferred to the council to maintain.

Barratt Homes confirmed that there have been delays with the transfer of ownership for public open spaces and children’s play areas on Hay-a-Park in Knaresborough.

Barratts took responsibility for these delays and made clear that this process should have concluded earlier.

Barratts mentioned that two areas of open space have been legally transferred to the council and that the remaining two areas should be transferred shortly although there may be some works prior to the transfer.

Andrew Jones, MP for Knaresborough, commented: “I am grateful to Barratts for their pledge to progress this matter quickly now.  I hope that the legal transfer will take place in the coming months ready for the summer and the play area and public land can be regularly and properly maintained by the council.”