New microchipping rules to help trace lost cats.

Losing a family pet is always difficult which is why we see so often homemade posters asking people to keep their eyes open for lost animals.

This occurs far less frequently with dogs than cats because over 90 per cent of dogs are microchipped.  This figure falls to around 70 per cent for cats meaning that there are around 2.7 million cats with no means of identification should they be lost.

That though is set to change as new rules will mean domestic cats have to be microchipped.

Public consultation on compulsory microchipping of cats drew 33,000 response of which 99 per cent were in support as was the RSPCA, Battersea and Cat’s Protection.

Local MP Andrew Jones commented: “Although this may not seem a huge issue it is one that causes enormous distress to owners and their families, particularly children.  It is also a costly issue with vets and rescue centres – often run by charities – able to save over £750,000 over the first ten years of the scheme through speedier reunification of cats with their owners.”

It costs around £25 to have a cat microchipped and Cat’s Protection provide free microchipping in some areas for pet owners on low incomes.  The new rules are set to start in June 2024.

Thanks to Katy the cat for allowing Community News to use her photo.