Renew your passport early to beat the queues.

Following delays in passports being processed last year Andrew Jones MP is asking constituents to check their passports to ensure they are up-to-date for any planned trips abroad.

While many applications are sorted much more quickly HM Passport Office advises allowing up to ten weeks from receiving documents to passports being issued.

While your passport may be in date different countries also have different entry requirements in terms of how much time should be left on your passport when you arrive. You can find out the requirements for any country on the Government’s website here.

Commenting on this Andrew Jones MP said: “Last year I had lots of calls and emails from constituents waiting for passports to be processed. While the Passport Office will speed up urgent applications for medical emergencies for example they will not do so for holidays.

“I urge anyone with a holiday booked to check the entry requirements for where they are going and ensure their passport has enough time left on it on arrival.”