Libraries launch sensory resources for children with autism.

Young people who are on the autism spectrum are being invited to their local library to enjoy new sensory resources in a relaxed environment.

North Yorkshire’s library service has launched Stimkits, which get their name from the practice of ‘stimming’, a word used by people with autism to describe self-stimulatory behaviour.

Six kits have been purchased to be used across the county’s libraries to create a relaxed and safe space. They include a blackout pop-up tent, lights and various handheld sensory items.

A similar initiative was championed in Knaresborough library where equipment was provided by a local organisation. Visitors said that it creates a welcoming environment for children and their families helping children keep calm, relaxed and happy in the library space.

The Stimkits are available for booked sessions in libraries across the county. Any individual or group interested in a session can contact