New approach to reduce flood risk and clean up rivers.

A new approach to drainage means people will benefit from a reduced risk of flooding and pollution on new developments.

On 10 January the Government released the results of the review into drainage. One of the key parts of the review is to make sustainable drainage systems mandatory for new developments. This will help alleviate the pressure on our traditional sewerage systems by reducing the risk of surface water floods and pollution.

Environment Minister Rebecca Pow said: “Our traditional drainage systems are under increasing pressure from the effects of climate change, urbanisation and a growing population.

“The benefits of sustainable drainage systems are many – from mitigating flood risk by catching and storing surplus water and reducing storm overflow discharges, to enhancing local nature in the heart of our developments and helping with harvesting valuable rainwater.

“Taking a more consistent and effective approach to sustainable drainage systems will improve the resilience of our drainage and sewer infrastructure, while reaping these broader benefits.”

Harrogate and Knaresborough MP, Andrew Jones, added: “Most people know there is a need for more housing but one of the main concerns of local people when they hear about housing developments is that they may increase the risk of flooding.

“It is therefore good news the Government is legislating to improve drainage standards on new developments.  Sewage is a topic that has been in the news a lot recently and this is one way in which the Government can decrease the burden being added to our sewage network by each new development.”