White Ribbon Day 2022: A promise from Commissioner Zoë and her team.

Commissioner Zoë Metcalfe and her team at the Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner have today (25 November) become a White Ribbon supporter organisation making a promise to never use, excuse or remain silent about men’s violence against women and girls.

White Ribbon is the UK’s leading charity engaging men and boys to end violence against women and girls (VAWG) with a mission to prevent violence against women and girls by addressing its root causes.

By supporting this mission Commissioner Zoë and her office have committed to raise awareness of the long established and harmful attitudes, systems and behaviours around masculinity. Commissioner Zoë and her office are also encouraging people to make the White Ribbon Promise and help to prevent violence against women and girls before it starts. This aligns with the priorities outlined in her own partnership VAWG strategy published earlier this year.

Commissioner Zoë said: “I am proud that our organisation now officially supports the work of White Ribbon UK and is part of a national approach to tackle men’s violence against women and girls. This naturally aligns with the work we are already doing locally, which focuses on listening and engaging with women, tackling root causes of violence, increasing public confidence in local police, strengthening our multi-agency approach to address VAWG, enhancing support services for victims and facilitating behaviour change for perpetrators.

“Whilst my team are making an official White Ribbon Commitment on White Ribbon Day, it’s important to highlight that the work my office do to address violence against women and girls continues 365 days a year.”

As part of the official commitment a male leader within the organisation is encouraged to become a White Ribbon Ambassador and Simon Dennis, Chief Executive & Monitoring Officer at the Commissioner’s Office has taken on this role.

Simon said: “As a male leader within the Commissioner’s Office, I see it as my personal responsibility both inside and outside work, to call out abusive and sexist behaviour among men and boys and to

promote a culture of equality, inclusivity and respect. I became a White Ribbon Ambassador in 2018 whilst leading a neighbouring Commissioner’s Office and I am delighted to be renewing my accreditation in my role as North Yorkshire Chief Executive.”

To find out more about how Commissioner Zoë and her team supports VAWG in North Yorkshire and York visit: www.northyorkshire-pfcc.gov.uk/womenandgirls