MP sets out stance on IPSA festive ruling

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) have set out guidance for festive celebrations which can be claimed on MPs expenses.  The independent body has published guidance which states that MPs can use their discretion to claim for festive decorations for their office. 

Further guidance sets out that food and drink for festive office events would be permitted under the expense rules set out by the body, but that consideration should be given to value for money and all claims will be published in the usual manner.

Harrogate & Knaresborough MP, Andrew Jones, commented: “No-one asked for this. No-one will use it. This guidance is a total surprise. MPs from all parties have been criticising IPSA for it today and IPSA should reflect on why that is.  

“Let me be very clear for the residents which I represent: I have never used parliamentary expenses to pay for festive decorations or parties and I never will.”

All expenses claimed by MPs can be viewed on IPSA’s website at: