WATCH: Local MP calls for sped-up green building regulations

Harrogate and Knaresborough MP has called for a House of Commons debate on speeding up the implementation of the Future Homes and Future Building Standards to ensure new residential and commercial builds are built to save energy.

Commenting on this Mr Jones said: “Locally we have good examples of buildings built with energy-saving in mind. The Civic Centre benefits from solar panels, water reuse and heat-saving glass. Combined with other measures and the move to a single site this saves the council £1m per year compared with its former use of several buildings including Crescent Gardens.

“I also regularly meet with local environmental groups and, during one meeting last year, I was told by one constituent that he built his home from scratch to the highest green standards possible. As a result his annual heating bill came in at just £30.

“I want to see new homes built with energy-saving in mind. It is good for the environment, avoids costly retro-fitting and will save households money on their bills. I am pleased the Government is making this happen though the quicker the rules are in place the sooner the benefits will be realised.”

You can watch the full video of Mr Jones’s question below: