WATCH: MP’s call for more action on Nidd water quality.

Speaking in the House of Commons today local MP Andrew Jones called for more action to improve water quality on the River Nidd.

The Government’s Environment Bill commits water companies to invest in reducing the use of Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO) – outlets which release sewage into waterways at times of heavy rainfall or when the sewerage system is blocked. These Victorian parts of our sewerage system have been activated more often with the increase in extreme weather events, more run-off from housing estates into drains and following sewer blockages with wet wipes and fat from cooking.

Mr Jones is backing calls by the Nidd Catchment Anglers Group, which includes Knaresborough Anglers, to have parts of the Nidd which are used for swimming designated as bathing quality areas. This will mean additional monitoring and an action plan to ensure the water quality is improved.