Harrogate district election results.

The local elections in the Harrogate district saw a change in fortune for the Conservatives.  Across the borough residents elected 10 Liberal Democrats, nine Conservatives, one Green and one Independent.

Commenting after the local election results, Leader of Harrogate Borough Council, Richard Cooper said:  “It is right to reflect when you have results that don’t go as you would have wished and I have been in local politics long enough to have seen results go both ways; sometimes with the trend and sometimes against.

“A knee-jerk reaction is seldom the right one although it is clear that the opposition’s oft-repeated ‘send Boris a message’ theme was clear and had some degree of resonance to put it mildly. 

“We will need to reflect too on local issues although they did not seem to be the dominant theme of the literature or social media activity during the campaign.

“But while that reflection occurs, as an outgoing council leader and someone who announced his retirement from representative politics some time ago, I would like to congratulate the winners of all parties, commiserate with the losers and look forward to them all promoting our fantastic area in a constructive way for the next five years.”