Local MP sanctioned by Putin’s Russia.

Harrogate and Knaresborough MP Andrew Jones has been barred from entering Russia after being sanctioned by the Russian Foreign Ministry. The move came in retaliation for the UK sanctioning members of the Russian Duma who are close to Vladimir Putin.

Mr Jones was among over 280 parliamentarians to be sanctioned although no indication was given as to the reason Mr Jones and the other parliamentarians were targeted.

Andrew commented: “It was a bit or a surprise to find myself on Mr Putin’s list although I have not had to change any of my plans; Russia under its current leadership is not a destination I would want to visit and I have never had any connection whatsoever with the country. I have been strong in my condemnation of the Russian invasion and strong in my support for the Ukraine, so perhaps that was Putin’s reasoning.

“My support for Ukraine will not waver. As far as the sanction is concerned, it is a bit of a ‘so-what’ really.”