LOCAL ELECTION: ‘We need a UK Trump’ call from Lib Dem candidate in expletive-laden Facebook posts.

In a bizarre online post during the Brexit debate, Liberal Democrat candidate for Harlow and St George’s ward, Michael Schofield, warned ‘Get ready for the pitchforks… they are being sharpened’ and told readers this country needs one person to stand up! A Trump, A Thatcher, a Guy Fawkes’.

He went on in the same post to say that that political leaders had ‘f**ked up’ and concluded ‘GUY FAWKES WE NEED YOU NOW’ referencing the famous plot to blow up the monarch and parliament.

In a further post in 2019 he went on to describe the Liberal Democrats, the party he is now seeking to represent, as ‘the most dictatorial party out there’ and railed against the Liberal Democrat call for a second referendum saying ‘no second referbloodyrendum needed’, In June 2019 Mr Schofield went on to describe people who didn’t vote in the referendum but protested the result as ‘F**kwits who didn’t care enough’.

Mr Schofield also reposted stories backing Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament prior to the 2019 election, from the right-wing English Democrats comparing Tony Blair’s support for EU membership with his support for the Iraq war and a satire page saying that Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson should be in Bagpuss’s window with ‘all the other lost and broken things’.