Lib Dem ‘buy local’ pledge leaflet…. printed in Dundee.

A Harrogate and Knaresborough Liberal Democrat leaflet calling on people to ‘buy local’ was printed over 250 miles away in Dundee. 

Other local Liberal Democrat literature has been printed in York and Chesterfield.

Council Leader Richard Cooper commented: “At the beginning of the pandemic Harrogate Council was among the quickest in getting government grants to businesses.  In total we got more than £93m to local businesses enabling a great many to survive and bounceback. 

“It is critical that we use local businesses where we can and there are a lot of good local printers who would have wanted this business.  It really is strange to call on others to ‘buy local’ when you are buying from York, Chesterfield and even Dundee!”.

The same leaflet spoke about a ‘greener’ agenda.

Cllr Cooper continued: “Even if they didn’t want to use local printers for some reason was it really necessary to go 60-odd miles north of Edinburgh?  The carbon footprint of their literature is enormous.  When you tell people you want to ‘buy local’ and ‘be greener’ you have to match your actions with words.”

All the Conservative Party leaflets for the local election campaign are printed in Harrogate and Andrew Jones MP’s annual reports are printed in Knaresborough.