Plans to expand local healthcare in Knaresborough

As part of a response to a local planning application, North Yorkshire’s Clinical Commissioning Group has outlined plans to expand local healthcare services in Knaresborough.

North Yorkshire’s Clinical Commissioning Group (NYCCG)—the body responsible for commissioning local healthcare services in our area—has outlined plans to expand local GP services in Knaresborough. 

The NYCCG is a planning consultee so an assessment can be taken of the need to expand local services as a result of pending and proposed large planning developments. 

Their plan outlines proposals to expand the buildings occupied by Stockwell Road surgery and Beech House surgery, with further plans to install a lift at Eastgate surgery to make better use of rooms upstairs.

Ed Darling commented: “When new housing developments are built, it is crucial that the infrastructure to support them is in place. I have been working with residents to ensure that this is the case and would encourage residents to continue to share their views.

“Healthcare is one of the top three infrastructure queries and I am pleased to see NYCCG looking ahead and proposing to expand our local services to  accommodate the new residents in our town.  I look forward to seeing these proposals come to life.”