Lighting to be renewed at Plumpton Park.

The ginnel running from Hookstone Chase towards the Plumpton Park (‘Morrisons’) trading estate is a convenient way for local people to get to the retail outlets on the trading estate without needing to drive. But nearby residents have told Cllr John Ennis that over the years the light bulbs illuminating the walkway have blown and not been replaced.

Appeals for action have not been heard and, despite residents flagging the problem, it has not been resolved. The walkway can be forbiddingly dark at times, particularly in winter, and there are reports of anti-social behaviour in the area.

John reports: “This is a basic question of providing a safe environment for residents and shoppers. I have spoken to the manager of the retail store on whose building the lights are fixed, and he agreed readily to request a maintenance team fit new light bulbs as soon as possible. This is fantastic news, and I will make sure that the work is carried out as soon as possible.”