Oak Beck bridge works update

County Councillor Matt Scott has been contacted by residents asking when work to replace the Oak Beck Bridge on the A59 will begin.

Cllr Scott has spoken with a bridge engineer at the county council on the project which is necessary due to the deteriorating condition of the bridge structure. Planning permission for the work was granted in November and the project has recently moved to the detailed design stage.

On current timescales work will hopefully begin in April. Should Tesco be successful in their application for a supermarket near the bridge construction of the store would not begin until the bridge work is complete.

Commenting on this Cllr Scott said:

‘I was consulted in summer last year on this work when the planning application was first published. I highlighted the need for minimal disruption to the A59 and nearby tree-planting to compensate for any tree loss. I am pleased that there will be access over the bridge throughout the project with the only exception to this being when the new permanent road surface is applied at the end of the project. The county council will aim to do this overnight to minimise disruption to nearby residents.’

If you have any questions on the project please get in touch with Matt at cllr.matt.scott@northyorks.gov.uk.