Skipton Road pavement cleared.

A pavement adjacent to the A59 Skipton Road has been spruced up thanks to the intervention of local councillors. Residents had raised concerns about the state of the pavement on the A59 close to the Old Spring Well public house. Over the years the vegetation had encroached the pavement to such an extent that it was getting too narrow to walk on in places.

Councillor Michael Harrison took up the issue with North Yorkshire’s Highways department to request that the vegetation was cut back and the path “sided out.”  The work was completed in January.

Michael commented: “This path was clearly not fit for purpose to the extent that it was becoming a danger for pedestrians, not to mention inaccessible for those with pushchairs or wheelchairs. It is also the only path leading up to the public house at this end of Skipton Road, leaving residents no choice but to use it despite its condition. However, I am pleased that the council has now rectified this problem.”  

Another path in the area that was in need of some attention was the pedestrian/cycle link from the B6161 Otley Road down to Heather Way. Your local councillor team asked the council to clean the area and the work was completed in late January.