New hedgehog signs on the way for Forest Moor?

Constituents contacted local MP Andrew Jones concerned about the number of hedgehogs being killed on Forest Lane and Forest Moor Road. Hedgehogs are included in the list of animals vulnerable to extinction.

Following discussions between Andrew, constituents and North Yorkshire County Council an application has been made to the Department for Transport (DfT) to install signs making motorists aware of the prevalence – the first such application made by the county council.

Andrew, who was a minister in the department when the warning signs were first introduced, commented: “Biodiversity is important. That is why I want to back campaigns like this. Residents in the Forest Moor area have told me that injured, and more often dead, hedgehogs are a regular sight. If these signs just encourage motorists to pay that bit more attention in the area we can help reduce the numbers and do our bit to increase the vulnerable hedgehog population.”

It is not known when the signs will be introduced but Andrew will be encouraging a quick and positive response to the county council’s response from the government.