VIDEO: Knaresborough to have new banking facility

A new year will bring a new banking facility to Knaresborough.  Following successful banking hub trials in Essex and Lanarkshire, Knaresborough has been identified as a key area to benefit from a new banking hub.

Over the years many banks have closed branches in Knaresborough, most recently with the Halifax closing in 2021.  Residents have grown increasingly frustrated at the lack of over-the-counter banking services and having to travel to Wetherby or Harrogate.

The Hubs offer a counter service for transactions, currently provided by the Post Office, alongside face-to-face banking support from a ‘Community Banker’, provided by the largest retail banks. The Hubs have been welcomed by customers and small businesses alike in trial areas.

Andrew Jones MP commented: “This is great news for Knaresborough, a town starved of its banking facilities, and I am sure this new facility will be well-used by residents, businesses and visitors.  I was pleased to raise this news in the House of Commons today with the Leader of the House.”

Town Centre councillor Ed Darling stated: “I am very grateful to the Cash for Action group and LINK for recognising the difficulties faced in Knaresborough.  The new facility will be a very positive addition to our High Street and I look forward to seeing those doors opening on the first day.  This is the next step in ensuring Knaresborough is somewhere with easy access to cash and banking services.”