Access to cash in Knaresborough.

Residents in Knaresborough will be aware that the cash machines at Sainsbury’s Local and Tesco Express have experienced faults and have run out of cash.

Town Centre Councillor, Ed Darling, is now in regular contact with leading figures at Sainsbury’s Bank and Tesco Bank to ensure that residents, businesses and visitors have access to cash.  Contact which is already yielding local results.

Councillors Ed Darling and Phil Ireland will keep both banks aware of local events which may increase demand for cash.  For example, notification of the Christmas Market has seen the banks commit to larger refills of the cash machines ahead of this weekend’s event.  If anyone is an organiser of an event that may increase the demand level for cash, please contact Councillor Darling at with event details and he can ensure the banks are aware of your event. 

Ed Darling commented: “As we continue to re-open from the pandemic, more and more people are wishing to pay for goods and services by cash.  It is important that cash is available and I hope that this continued dialogue with the banks ensures that will be the case.  I am pleased that Tesco Bank have also committed to replace their existing cash machine with a newer updated model in order to improve reliability, reduce downtime and improve the customer experience.  

“I am grateful for their assistance in the run up to the Christmas Market and their commitment to improve local services for local people, businesses and visitors.”