Working together on climate change.

Local MP, Andrew Jones, and representatives of Zero Carbon Harrogate met earlier today (Tuesday) to discuss ways to build on the outcome of COP26 locally.

Particular issues which were raised were generating more electricity at the domestic level through heat pumps, solar panels and other micro-generation activities. There was discussion of how tax breaks can be used to incentivise installation of equipment to do this.

Following Mr Jones’s question to the Prime Minister last week, there was discussion about environmental building standards and how these can be improved.

The team also spoke about how behavioural change can be encouraged and embedded in our mainstream lives.

Mr Jones commented: “I am always impressed when I meet representatives from Zero Carbon Harrogate. They know what they are talking about, are committed to improving our environment and are realistic in suggesting ways forward. I have some work to do from the meeting and I look forward to feeding back to them in due course.”