Knaresborough town centre free public Wi-Fi rollout

Knaresborough town centre is due to benefit the first stage of a rollout of free public Wi-Fi.  November will see its launch, following launches already in Ripon and elsewhere.

This first rollout stage is limited to Knaresborough High Street but further launches will extend the reach of the Wi-Fi to other parts of the town centre. Harrogate Borough Council has assisted North Yorkshire County Council with funding for the Knaresborough rollout. 

Town centre councillor, Ed Darling, commented: “This is the first stage of a wider rollout plan for free Wi-Fi for our town centre.  It has long been in the works and will benefit residents and visitors doing their shopping, and help market traders with electronic payments.

News about further launches extending the service beyond the High Street will be shared in InTouch and on our community website, Community News