Action for the Mayfields

A new residents Facebook group has been set up by local residents to address concerns about anti-social behaviour in the area but also to take action to improve the area. The group is called ‘Mayfield Grove, Mayfield Terrace Action Group and Neighbourhood Watch.’ Councillors Richard Cooper and Sam Gibbs met one of the organisers recently to discuss things that needed doing in the area. Among the changes being looked at are:

• Moving the dog waste bin on the green to be adjacent to the litter bin.
• Re-instating the bin on the bridge between Nydd Vale Terrace and Dragon Road.
• Creating more space to enable safe turning from Mayfield Grove into Mayfield Terrace.
• Extending double yellow lines at the junction of Mayfield Grove and Bower Road to prevent irresponsible parking.
• Reducing the length of the single yellow line on the ‘parking’ side of Mayfield Grove to create more parking spaces.

Councillor Gibbs has taken the issues up with our local councils and will report back in future editions of In Touch. Sam commented: “It is great when we are able to make improvements to our area. Richard and I campaigned for the resurfacing of Mayfield Grove and the surrounding roads and we are really pleased with the result. We’ll see what we can do with the items brought to us by the residents group.”