Temporary television mast switched on

On Wednesday the new, 80-metre, temporary mast was switched on which aims to restore signal to 95 per cent of homes affected by the fire in August. Commenting on this Andrew Jones MP said:

“I have updated constituents several times while the temporary mast was under construction and was pleased to receive emails and phone calls on Wednesday morning from people whose signal had returned. For many people the television was their main source of information and entertainment and it is good to see services available again.”

Arqiva, the mast operator, are aware that the temporary structure will not reach every home served by the previous, permanent, mast which stood around four times higher. If you have retuned your television or Freeview box and still have no channels then please get in touch with me at andrew.jones.mp@parliament.uk or on 01423 529614. A dedicated help website from Arqiva is also available here.