£5,000 to fix the Cinder Path

The Cinder Path in Bilton provides an excellent link between Bilton Lane and the Dene Park entrance to the Nidderdale Greenway. With Woodfield Park being on the way it has always been a popular path for pedestrians, cyclists and others.

A long-standing issue however is the section between Poplar Grove and the park, which is badly worn away and suffers from flooding or standing water whenever there is heavy rain. This is due to the shape of the path which slopes down from the park and then up towards Poplar Grove, leaving water to collect in the middle.

Commenting on this Cllr Matt Scott said: “A few months ago I met with Harrogate Borough Council’s drainage engineer and North Yorkshire County Council’s Public Rights of Way (PROW) to discuss fixing this. The PROW team have designed a scheme to repair the surface, tidy up the vegetation and relay the surface in such a way as to prevent future flooding.”

“I have provided £3,788 from my locality budget for this and have secured almost £1,000 from PROW to fund the rest. I wanted the work to ensure the path is resistant to all weathers and accessible to everyone no matter what mode of transport or mobility aid they may need to get around. This scheme achieves both of these aims.”