Crossing timings help elderly residents.

The crossing at the junction of East Parade and the road leading to the Victoria Multi Storey Car Park is a link between the High Harrogate area and the town centre. It is particularly important to residents at Arthington Court.

Residents from the court contacted local councillor Richard Cooper many years ago about the crossing which didn’t allow enough time for people who were less mobile to cross. Richard took this up with the county council at the time and they lengthened the red light time to help people cross.

A few weeks ago residents noticed that the time on the lights had reduced and was not allowing residents enough time to cross.

They contacted Andrew Jones MP’s office and Richard and Andrew took the matter up again with the County Council. Their contractor checked the operation of the pedestrian crossings at this junction and discovered that the signal controller had developed a fault in which the pre-programmed timings had reverted to their minimum periods. The crossing has been re-programmed with added extra time to the ‘green man’ period, and to the ‘inter-green’ period between the pedestrian and vehicle phases.