Fight continues to protect public open space

Cllr Tim Myatt met with local planners and a representative of the local residents association to discuss the protection and improvement of public open space on Devonshire Gardens, after the council’s planning committee granted permission for a new development to be accessed through the land.

Redrow are still responsible for the maintenance of the land, and Tim is working with planners and local residents to ensure that the company meets its obligations to improve the public open space and make sure it is available for residents.

Tim said: “I attended the planning committee and spoke against access to any Granby Farm development being through the public open space on Devonshire Gardens. I have always felt it was wrong to build a road through a valued community asset”

“Unfortunately, the planning committee did approve the building of a road through the public open space, and so we must now think about how we protect and enhance the rest of the land available to residents”