Increasing biodiversity

As part of the continuing biodiversity proposals to encourage both insects, mammals and wildflowers Harrogate Borough Council have identified a number of public open space sites for wildflower summer meadow areas for 2022 and beyond. These sites will only have a section dedicated to wildflowers, leaving the rest of the space for recreational purposes.

See below for a list of the areas where the council are sowing the wildflower seed:

Lucheon Way, Harrogate

The Stray Harrogate

Hall Lane, Harrogate

Crowberry Drive, Harrogate

Belmont Park, Starbeck

Boroughbridge Recreation Ground

Knaresborough House, Knaresborough

Horseshoe Fields, Knaresborough

Pateley Bridge Recreation Ground

Grove Lane, Ripon

High Cleugh, Ripon

The wildflower seed is a mix of woodland seed as we have predominantly identified areas under trees. HBC are planning to sow the seed at the end of September, weather permitting and we will be putting up temporary signs on stakes which will be in place during the coming months. This will help inform the public which areas will be left with long grass and wildflowers from April through to September each year.

If these wildflower areas are successful the council plan over the coming seasons to monitor and gather data which will include the amount of carbon stored as well as the number of pollinators and insects.