Protecting the trees on the Stray.

The Stray is one of the features of our town which makes it special and its trees are particularly loved.  Regular visitors were horrified recently to see that young trees had been vandalised and in some cases snapped entirely.

John Ennis, Councillor for Harrogate Stray, told Community News: “As a regular walker on the Stray myself, I was shocked to see this.  I understand the police are investigating.  The trees will of course be replaced, but that does not detract from the mindlessness of the vandalism. I urge anyone, if they see damage like this occurring, to please contact myself or the police so we can stamp this out.”

John added:  “It’s been said to me also that a number of the trees along Stray Rein appear to be dying.  I have reported this to the Council, and they are investigating the cause. The Council’s parks team does a fine job, I know they will get to the bottom of this problem and take the necessary action.”