MP congratulates local students and thanks staff for A level achievement.

Commenting on the A level results released today, Harrogate and Knaresborough MP Andrew Jones said:

“Congratulations to all those who have been awarded grades for their A levels today.   This marks the start of a new chapter of higher education, vocational training or employment.  It should be a time of excitement and anticipation.  The fact that these grades have been achieved in difficult circumstances reflects the remarkable adaptability and creativity of students.

“These results also mark the culmination of years of work for teachers and support staff who have taken these pupils from their GCSEs to A levels in the most difficult of circumstances.  I know this hasn’t been easy and I know that uncertainty over grading procedures hasn’t helped. 

“I want to thank them too for their perseverance and dedication which has enabled all their pupils to look forward with optimism and hope as they enter this new stage of their lives.

“For those who didn’t achieve the results they wanted it is also a time, hopefully a brief time, of uncertainty.  I urge you to speak to your teachers, to the careers service, your parents and your peers to look at all the options open to you.  I suspect you will find that there are more than you at first thought and I wish you all the luck in the world pursuing those.”