Diving boards closed at Hydro

Council Leader Richard Cooper has been contacted by users of the diving boards at the Hydro concerned that the boards have been closed for some time.

Richard, who is a longstanding member of Brimhams and a regular casual swimmer and gym-goer, asked council leisure bosses about the situation. The following statement was released by the council:

“Unfortunately, during a routine inspection of the diving board platform at The Hydro in Harrogate, cracks in the concrete were discovered. A further independent survey was carried out to establish the stability, integrity and durability of the diving structure. Results show that the diving platform should not be used until work has been carried out. We are exploring possible options and will have an update in due course”

Richard commented: “This is very concerning and I am hoping to see a further detailed report within the next few weeks with recommendations as to how we can move forward. Clearly the safety of customers is paramount and the boards cannot be opened until they are made safe.”