Barclays mobile information service to trial Knaresborough visits

The departure of the Halifax Bank earlier this year left Knaresborough with no bank in the town centre. Scriven Park councillor Samantha Mearns and town centre councillor Ed Darling are working to ensure Knaresborough town centre has additional cash machines having lost the one at the Halifax.

Barclays have confirmed that they will be trialling their mobile facility in Knaresborough over the coming months. The mobile facility is able to offer face to face support, digital demonstrations, money management and business support. It will not be able to conduct any cash transactions or provide a counter service. You can visit the mobile facility in the Chapel Street car park between 9.45am and 2.30pm on Tuesday 25 May, Thursday 17 June and Tuesday 20 July.

Cllr Mearns said: “Whilst it is still disappointing news that Halifax have left town, we did know this would be coming.  The Borough Council are working to identify which services would be possible through a community banking facility and I hope that this option becomes feasible in the coming months.  A new cash machine in the town centre remains a possibility and I am working with other parties to make this happen but it is a long-term project, requiring both somewhere to host it and a provider.”