Woodfield House development update.

Following the closure of the Woodfield House care home in 2018 North Yorkshire County Council retained the site for development under its housing company Brierley Homes.  

Cllr Scott has worked closely with nearby residents and the developers to ensure the development was right for the area. Cllr Scott commented: “Housebuilding is a sensitive issue and several concerns were raised with me on a number of themes. This included car parking, trees and the type of houses .”
Cllr Scott continued: “I was pleased that Brierley Homes were approachable and willing to listen to these concerns. As a result the development will have at least two parking spaces per home, trees that have been removed are being replaced and the site plan has changed significantly. I continue to visit the site weekly and stay in touch with residents to ensure everything is progressing as it should with minimal disturbances.”
The original plans for the site included ten four-bedroom homes out of the 20 planned. This has been altered to just two homes of this size with ten homes having two bedrooms and seven having three bedrooms. The overall number fell from 20 to 19 owing to changing the angle of the homes to provide more natural light to the homes at the top of Woodfield Square. The development is intended to be finished at the start of next year.

Cllr Scott added: “I know this development has been of much interest to residents. I provide regular updates on this development in order to keep residents informed. If you’d like to receive these, please contact me.”