Action to beat litter from Cllr Matt Scott.

The past year has brought more visitors to the Nidderdale Greenway and the Nidd Gorge to exercise during COVID restrictions. But this has brought an increase in litter.

Lifelong Bilton resident Councillor Matt Scott knows that our area is a great place to live with easy access to the countryside.  This though comes with the problem of litter particularly around the greenway but also around shops in the area. 

Cllr Matt Scott has asked Harrogate Council to step up collections on the Greenway bins over bank holiday weekends and the summer as these often see the waste bins overflowing.

Matt said:  “Having lived in Bilton my whole life I walk regularly in  the Nidd Gorge and use the Greenway too.  I have volunteered with the Woodland Trust to build bridges and cut back vegetation in the woods. Like the majority of visitors I take pride in my local area and take my litter home with me but unfortunately not everyone does.”

“I met with the council’s new supervisor for street cleansing last week and we walked around some of the hotspots including Woodfield park and King Edward’s Drive.”

Cllr Scott has also taken action on general waste in front of the shops on King Edwards Drive. While a litter pick with local residents planned for January was cancelled owing to new coronavirus restrictions, Cllr Scott organised for the council’s street cleaning team to blitz the area. They collected ten bags of rubbish just two days later.

Cllr Scott said: “While it is sad to see litter on our streets I am very grateful for the speedy and effective response of the street cleansing team. I am keen to stay on top of this issue, so I would urge residents to contact me via email if there is an issue in a particular area. The more reports I get the more helpful information I can provide to the street cleansing team and the service manager.”