Penny Pot Lane hedgerow reinstatement

The Harrogate Borough Council (HBC) enforcement team have been diligently pursuing the reinstatement of the hedgerow on Penny Pot Lane in front of the new Persimmon Homes development. Several years ago, HBC successfully prosecuted Persimmon for tearing down a large hedgerow when the site development commenced. The court fined Persimmon and instructed the reinstatement to be carried out, which has now taken place. 

Graham Swift, Councillor for Duchy, said: “Officers at HBC have been fantastic in pursuing the reinstatement of this hedgerow following Persimmon’s actions, which was a key site for birds. I am delighted to see that the new hedge plantings include a wide range of species across over 1000 plants made up of mostly hawthorn but also including holly, dog rose, maple, hazel, bird cherry and blackthorn. It will naturally take considerable time to grow, but will eventually reinstate critical natural sites for birds, insects and small mammals.”

This hedgerow has also been classified as “important” under the 1997 hedgerow regulations which ensures that it continues to receive the protection of HBC and the planning authority, and which prevents it being removed without appropriate approvals.