County councillor Geoff Webber. A tribute from Andrew Jones MP

On Thursday 11 March, former leader of Harrogate Council and Bilton and  Nidd Gorge county councillor Geoff Webber died.

Local MP, Andrew Jones paid tribute to Geoff: “I know people will be saddened by the passing of Geoff Webber. I was too. It is right to pay tribute to what he achieved as a local councillor, on both Harrogate Borough Council and North Yorkshire County Council.

Geoff worked on many issues and was never afraid to speak out. He was very interested in housing and worked for more house building with a focus on affordable and social housing. That interest also saw him very involved in the Harrogate Homeless Project.

“He was a distinguished Mayor of our Borough. He chaired meetings well, alongside being a welcoming voice as our public figurehead and champion for many community groups.”

“People who work on behalf of the local community, irrespective of political party, command my respect. Geoff worked for the communities he represented, and that is why we should pause, reflect and give thanks.”