“Beware Bilton council tax scams”

The pandemic has brought out the best in the vast majority of people locally and nationally. Like many others Councillor Matt Scott has volunteered to support the national effort to support the vulnerable. Unfortunately the pandemic has also presented opportunities for scammers to exploit.

Cllr Scott said: “Recently someone knocked on my door saying if I signed a form he would help me lower my council tax by getting my banding reassessed. He said he was here on behalf of the council though his identification suggested otherwise. I raised this with the council who said no such work was done by or for the council. I provided a report to the police who put flyers out in the Poplar Grove area asking for others to provide statements if they have the same visitor. I was pleased to assist the police following this incident. If you’ve been approached like this, please let me know using by emailing me at matt.scott@harrogate.gov.uk.”

Any resident who wishes to have their council tax banding reassessed can apply for this through the Valuation Office Agency. The council does not ask their own staff or a third party to make cold calls to residents to ask them to sign up to a group challenge.