Vaccine rollout update from Andrew Jones MP.

Across the North Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group Area, 215,522 people have had their first dose of the vaccine. The focus on the NHS nine cohorts in phase one of the vaccination programme remains paramount. The plan to complete them by the 15 April is on trac, and the team responsible have briefed me on their confidence of success.

The take up has been really high. The take up rates in the top cohorts has been 97 per cent, only dropping to 94 per cent for the age 65+ cohort. These numbers are work in progress and are still going up. There is a project to reach people who have not come forward for their jab, especially those with underlying conditions.

Most encouragingly, with the NHS is still working through the cohorts of the most clinically vulnerable and those with underlying conditions aged 16+.  Over 80 per cent of these groups have had their jab already.

We know that 99 per cent of those likely to be hospitalised or die from Covid fall into these nine cohorts. The number of people now in hospital with Covid in Harrogate is 6, down from 48 one month ago. The hopes for the vaccine preventing serious illness seem to be coming good.

Vaccine supply

The stories from Europe of supplies being withheld so they can try to catch up on vaccinations has been all over the news. I have started to receive emails from people who have had their first jab and are anxious that they will be able to have their second dose as planned. I took the question to our local NHS leaders, and they have provided reassurance that they are not expecting long-term supply issues. Supplies of the Pfizer vaccine are already in the distribution system in the UK. Supplies of the OxfordAstra Zeneca vaccine have high domestic production, with 90 per cent of planned supply being UK made.

Case Numbers

There are people still catching Covid despite the clear success of the vaccination programme. The England average, using the cases per 100,000 people rolling seven-day measure which has been the standard measure throughout, is down to 56. In North Yorkshire the average is 45, exactly the same as the Harrogate numbers. Just one month ago, England was at 121 cases, North Yorkshire at 85 and Harrogate at 97, so there has been clear progress.

Please do email me any questions you might have and I will do my best to answer them.

Andrew Jones MP