Oatlands Drive cycle lane update.

Local people in the Oatlands area breathed a sigh of relief as North Yorkshire County Council listened to concerns about a new cycling scheme. 

As the community emerges from Covid restrictions, NYCC has secured government funding to make cycling and walking more attractive in Harrogate.  One of the schemes is on Oatlands Drive.  

Councillor John Ennis explains:  “There are so many reasons to improve cycling in our town.  It’s healthier for us as individuals, and better in the context of our climate change commitments.  I was delighted that Oatlands Drive was selected. St Aidan’s School generates a lot of traffic in the morning and the afternoon, and it would be great if more of that can be by bike.  However the plans included a proposal for one-way traffic on Oatlands.  I opposed this as impractical, liable to increase traffic and poor air quality in residential areas and greatly lengthen journey time for many who have no alternative but to use a car.  The school was also opposed, as was the great majority of Oatlands people who contacted me.  I’m pleased that NYCC has listened.  It will now consult on proposals which include other cyclist-friendly improvements, such as better crossings and a 20 MPH speed limit zone, but will drop the one-way traffic idea.  I urge everyone to have their say when the consultation opens.”